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BBYRAWelcome to the new BBYRA Web Site
We are trying to make this more device friendly, cell phones etc.
If you have a problem let us know.


Biscayne Bay Yacht Racing Association

Miami, Florida

P.O. Box 331492     *      Miami, FL 33233-1492    


BBYRA provides a schedule of area regattas
 and a uniform NOR/SI for use by its member clubs .

BBYRA Member Clubs

Biscayne Bay Yacht Club  
Coconut Grove Sailing Club
Coral Reef Yacht Club
Key Biscayne Yacht Club
Miami Yacht Club

Next BBYRA Board Meeting

The next BBYRA BOARD meeting will be Wednesday, April 14th, 2021. If you have something you wish to submit for this meeting please prepare it in writing and mail to  BBYRA P. O. Box 331492, Miami, Florida 33233-1492.  OR you can email your document to .  It must be received the Friday before.
Thank you for your input.

It has been brought to our attention that the BBYRA name is being used in an email scam. The scam is requesting that members of BBYRA purchase either gift certificates or send a check to a vendor. BBYRA will never solicit payments of this nature at any time.                       Posted 10/01/2019

PLEASE make sure your BBYRA emails are not going into your junk/spam folders.  With every system update things like this can mysteriously change and you will not be getting your updates.
 Thank you

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Biscayne Bay Yacht Racing Association, we invite you to join our
‘New Social Distancing’
sailing season starting September 1, 2020, through August 31, 2021.  

BBYRA Notices:  

Amendment to the BBYRA NOR and SIs 12/30/2020

2.2 The US Sailing prescriptions that apply are: Rule 61.4, Appendix R, 34, 40, 48.1, 60.3, 61.4, 67, 70.5(a), 76.1, 88.2, and Appendix V1. No other prescriptions are applicable.

S2.1 The Low Point System, rule A4.1, will be apply with no score excluded in a regatta.   
S2.2 The last part of the first sentence of rule A4.2 is changed to read, “…one more than the number of boats participating in her class in the regatta”.  Rule A2.2 is not applicable for the BBYRA CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES.
S2.3 Rule A5.2 is changed to read, “…one more than the number of boats participating in her class in the regatta that came to the starting line”.
S2.4. A boat loses accumulated points for the SERIES if the entrant is changed.

Amendment to the BBYRA NOR and SIs 03/18/2021

10.2 During a BBYRA Regatta, when a SUPPORT PERSON is the single operator of a motorboat less than 26 feet in length that individual shall be attached to an Engine Safety Cut-Off Switch (‘Kill Switch’) before the engine is started and at all times when it is operational.

Amendment to the BBYRA NOR and SIs 03/23/2021

 1) “DESIGNATED MARKS for 2020 & 2021”:        Delete; C - FlY4s12ft3M“C”(Biscayne National Park Boundary)… 

2) “The following are inflatable marks of the course”:
Insert; B - Mark of the course located at approximately

                           N25-40.262        W080-12.051

Insert; C - Mark of the course located at approximately

                           N25-36.090        W080-13.080

VHF club frequencies:
CRYC  71
    BBYC  72
    CGSC  73 / 69 when not in use by KBYC or MYC
Please do not use 78 as that is CGSC launch service
    KBYC  69
    MYC   69


Entry Forms

We do not accept credit card payments on-line.  Select the form you need (Handicap or One Design), save it to you computer, fill in the blanks, and email to  If paying by check, please mail to BBYRA. 

Its important to have certificates and ratings within the current calendar year, so US Sailing will renew certificates in the new year when they are available, on or about January 10, 2021. 

The renewal fee for 2021 is $100 payable to US Sailing, and current certificate holders will be contacted with instructions on renewal. Those who need a new certificate can apply at this link:

 ORC makes adjustments to their database on an annual basis and those adjustments are across the board for all boats.  If you are racing with an older certificate, then your numbers are not current with everyone else.  ORC is a great rating system but needs to be current to be fair to all.


Here is the link for the 2021 MKL Regatta registration:

 Hans Evers
Race Chair Miami Yacht Club
m. 443-514-4968


Interested in volunteering for Race Committee on Biscayne Bay?  It is a great way to meet people and build your experience.  We are starting a contact lists.  Please email me if you are availalble at


The 2017-2018 Awards Ceremony was held at CRYC September 8th.  Click here for Thumbnails of Pictures and let me know if you want a copy.